Dinstar VoIP GSM Gateway

Why Choose Dinstar

 How will your company benefit by purchasing the Dinstar GSM Gateway? Businesses are continually challenged to provide innovative products and services, to deliver them faster, at lower cost, and with higher quality. This is no different in the world of IoT. I'm sure you've heard that the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is being touted as the 'next big thing'. And it's certainly true that IIoT is on the rise - especially with the increasing adoption of so-called smart devices. Smart devices are now found in all aspects of our lives - they are in our homes, in our workplaces, in our cars, on our bodies, in our clothes, on our pets.

Key Advantages of Dinstar

Dinstar manufactures gsm gateways that provide the following key benefits: - Complete solution for VoIP - Low-cost, high-quality hardware - Integrated GSM/VoIP - Supports GSM/VoIP on 2G/3G/4G GSM Gateway

Key Features

Dinstar GSM Gateway from Dinstar is a versatile solution for a company's business. MobiGate supports every GSM network and every customer's requirements. MobiGate software is a Windows-based GSM Gate Buster server, which supports all GSM networks and is able to connect to any A5/1 or KASUMI-based GSM network switch, covering most networks in the world. The MobiGate server is a two-layer system with a high-security firewall that guards against intrusion from hackers, criminals, or other subversive elements. The firewall is designed to follow the COBIT5 standard from ISACA. 

Dinstar GSM Gateway and VoIP Protocol Convergence

This blog post is about how the Dinstar GSM gateway offers data and voice convergence by utilizing LCP and VoIP protocols. It is common for businesses to combine voice and data features on their mobile device, but the Dinstar GSM gateway offers an even more impressive benefit of data and voice convergence. The use of LCP and VoIP protocols on the device lets the system act as an IP PBX, converging voice and data into one seamless system. This means that it is possible to be mobile on the go and still make and receive phone calls. The Dinstar GSM product provides you with all of this functionality on a single mobile device, saving you money and time. 

Dinstar IP PBX

Dinstar is a premier supplier of VoIP-based PBXs based in Italy. The company offers a full range of products from VoIP phones, softphones, to other VoIP-related systems. One of their most popular products is their IP PBX. The DinStar IP PBX is a flexible and affordable system for companies with a small to medium number of phones. It connects up to 40 analog phones and it also has a built-in 2-port 10/100 Ethernet switch for a quick connection to a network. One of the best features of the IP PBX is that this system works with both analog and VoIP phones.

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